Where I Live Tuesday, or WILT #1

So I’m going to tell you about where I live on Tuesdays. Why not on Wednesdays? Or Saturdays? Well, because it makes for a better acronym. I had a professor tell me once that she can’t bring herself to work on a grant proposal until she’s got a good name and acronym for her proposed intervention.

You can play WILT too! Post in the comments so I can learn about where you live.

For this first WILT, I’m gonna focus on my street.

We take walks here. Jesse’s pa takes one almost every day. He makes 4 laps from our home at the end of this dead-end street to its start, totaling 5 miles. I think this is a big reason why his doc says he’ll live forever.

Look at all those ferns! Absolutely prehistoric.

The bigger bin is the recycling bin. How’s that for a value statement?

The backhoe has lived about halfway down the street on the roadside for… 5+ years. Nobody in the family can quite remember when it appeared, but it’s been there since before Jesse brought me out here for the first time three winters ago.

It’s been totally consumed by the foliage.

Look closely. I love the feisty little branch inside the cab.

Out here, I can tell I live on a planet.


3 responses to “Where I Live Tuesday, or WILT #1

  1. Bummer! I can’t see the photos!

  2. Aaand troubleshooting episode #1 of probably a bjillion is ON!!! Thanks for the heads up, Kari! I’ll get right on it.

    PS–Your sis’ blog is now on my RSS reader! I love it! Thanks!! 🙂

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