WILT #5, in which I bemoan my inability to tell you everything I love about this place before I have to go to work

I have to leave for work soon.

It’s a new delight and one that I happily am becoming accustomed to. I am SO, SO, SO FORTUNATE to have landed a nursing job here in this economy! That said, when the staffing person surprises you by revoking your Tuesday off (in favor of more orientation–I’ll take it!), the WILT post that you had planned has to get put off.

But I’m committed. In that I have committed myself. To WILT.

So I will take the easy way out today and tell you to click over to the website of the Oregonian newspaper’s FOODday feature. I’ve seen numerous food blogs, including The Kitchn, link to the incredible recipes, articles, and food writing of the Oregonian… and now I get a real live physical paper version in my mailbox. FOODday is, conveniently for Annie Get Your Spoon, published every Tuesday. And it’s beautiful!

Pickle backs?


Expect to start seeing some FOODday recipe reviews here as part of WILT.

Once I figure out this whole work schedule thing.


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