I actually *do* care

Staff meeting on Wednesday. New employee handbook published by corporate. One of our facility’s co-administrators reads all the new parts to us. It takes an hour.

The last handbook was published in 2002, apparently. In that “old” version (2002 is old?), there was nothing about face tattoos, about PDAs (personal digital assistants, in this context), about engaging in romantic relationships with patients. The 2010 version? Full of this stuff. Full of hints at some of the crazy things that have happened in the company in the last 8 years. And let me tell you, the HIPAA section is now, like, a mile long.

When she got to the part about social networking sites, Twitter, and blogs, our co-administrator sighed and looked up. “I don’t know why anybody does any of this stuff anyway,” she said. “Like, I don’t CARE what you had for breakfast. Keep it to yourself!”

I’ve heard this argument before: that this constant sharing of the supposedly mundane and banal is just unnecessary background noise leading to the overstimulation of our modern minds. But you know what?


I WANT to know what you thought about the waffles at the new cafe down the street! I WANT to know about how much you love your new banana-yellow Schwinn cruiser! And almost more than anything else, I CARE ABOUT WHAT YOU HAD FOR BREAKFAST!

Give me ideas about what I can make tomorrow. Give me some insight into the little day-to-day things in your life that matter to you. Maybe this is further indication that, against all odds, I’m truly a people-person. What matters to you genuinely does matter to me. And yeah, if I’m busy or overwhelmed, I’ll log off.


What did you have for breakfast?

I had some Greek yogurt–FAGE 0%–with sliced supermarket strawberries (didn’t make it to the farmers’ market this weekend) and chopped walnuts. And coffee.

It’s often the little meals, the meals and snacks taken alone at the computer or when halfway out the door, that don’t get any recognition. We often think of them as fuel, as boring necessity. I think they can be the most interesting. It’s when your stomach is growling and demanding food NOW that you inadvertently get creative with your culinary concoctions.

Maybe you’re like me and have a basic template for little meals like that–a fried egg, some form of whole grain, maybe a veggie, and a condiment. When you’re rushing to pull something together to satisfy your tummy, you reach into the fridge for the cheese and inexplicably end up grabbing the jar of pickles. And your fried egg sammich takes a new and crazy turn.

I love this.

Tell me. Keep it coming.


One response to “I actually *do* care

  1. Are those pickled onions in the above pic?

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