WILT #8, in which I find portland in a picture

I’m getting less and less inhibited with my camera, folks.

I still intend to leave it squarely in my purse when the meal arrives–or, at the very least, I promise not to stick it under your nose and postpone your first bite. I’m finding myself reaching for it more frequently in the hopes of capturing an image or moment that speaks Portland or yummy or life is good! to me. Photographer I am not; I’m using my lovely little Canon PowerShot Digital ELPH from a few years ago (actually it’s Jesse’s) and I very much have a point-and-shoot attitude about it. I’m a writer first. But I’m also working on it.

So when I drove past this scene last week, I found myself giggling and driving around the block. Pulling that camera out from the bottom of my tote and gathering up the courage to point it out the car window as my wheels crept up to the corner. I sing at the top of my lungs alone in the car with the windows rolled down, stopped at stop lights. I’m learning to take a picture without rushing, or hiding my lens. Because some of these images, these moments, are too good not to capture.

Welcome to Portland! The old Plymouth. The bikes. The beer. You have arrived.

I have Big Things planned for my WILT space, by the way. And I’m painfully aware that it’s (gasp!) Wednesday! New adventures in the world of nursing have taken my mind (and my concept of time) on a bit of a ride this past month. I’m excited to get back on track, though–and in the interim, I would love to learn about where you live!


One response to “WILT #8, in which I find portland in a picture

  1. And note the yellow license plate. They were used between 1974 and 1987. That ol’ Plymouth probably has its original ol’ owner. Very Portland!

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