WILT #12, in which I have breakfast with a deer

The yard here isn’t a yard so much as a pasture in a valley belonging on a picture postcard. Proof:

Not kidding.

On a clear day, we have full view of Mt. Hood.

And then down at the back of the “yard,” there’s a wooded creek full of slugs and unicorns.

This morning, though, I had the particular pleasure of taking my breakfast on the deck and enjoying my yogurt and blueberries in the company of a little deer.

See her? (One day, a big fatty digital SLR and telephoto lens shall be mine.) Zoe got curious:


She was right to wonder–this wasn’t our usual white-tailed deer, and she was all by her lonesome. Her butt and tail were a darker brown. Her ears were silly-big. I maxed out the optical AND digital zoom on my Canon point-and-shoot to get a better look:

Blurry, yes, but clearly not a white-tailed deer. At first, my future pa-in-law and I thought we might be looking at a rather runty girl-elk.

A little Googling later, and I’m mostly certain I was sipping coffee with a black-tailed deer, also known as the Columbian black-tailed deer or coast deer. They populate the stretch of the West between British Columbia and northern California, so Wikipedia tells me. Using binoculars, I could see a bigger rump and Yoda-ears on this ours. Just like in this precious picture from Wikipedia Commons:

His knobby knees are killing me.

I grew up rural, and I’ve been (and let’s be honest, I still am) a city mouse–but this whole semi-country business is pretty delightful. Jealous yet? I’m sorry. I couldn’t help myself.


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