Routines change. An evening shift at work means morning free time. Until my wedding, that free time was talk-to-vendor time. Coordinate-with-various incredibly-generous-family-members-writing-checks time. Wedding-reading-research time. Et cetera. After a while, it became no-time-to-blog time.

But we have turned that corner, and with a new social title also came a change in season. It’s time for fall cleaning, and for thinking about root vegetables and roasts. Baked goods with ground cloves. We’re in that in-between place with the weather that makes it hard to decide how many blankets to use at night. Routines are changing.

I think about that trip my dad and I made out here when I was 12. I remember being sad to leave the Pacific Northwest–we had come in July and had straight sun, clean heat, wind for kites and waterfalls. Had we come later, say in October, I think we would have had crisp air with late-season peaches and lots of tea in wood-paneled coffee shops. I would have had my journal and a special pen from Powell’s. I would have written stories about a brave outdoorswoman named Trapper Joanna (more on her later) and overdosed on cinnamon scones.

I think I’m going to make that 12-year-old Portland vision come true this fall. I’m adding a new element to my fall routine. It’s time for chai and cinnamon lattes in iconic cafes full of barefoot hipsters and jittery geeks. Time to WILT while peoplewatching. I have so much to tell you.



One response to “reset

  1. Brandi Dawn Henderson

    Why in the silly world are those crazy hipsters barefoot?!?

    And, your blog ties a rope around my torso and tugs me westward.

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