WILT #20, in which the animals of the house do silly things

In our household, we celebrate silliness and whimsy. Apparently, our appreciation for the ridiculous has rubbed off on our animals.

Atticus, do you really think you can fit in that box? And get this:

He stuck his head in an empty Kleenex box that was patiently waiting to be recycled. Here he is trying to get the damn thing off.

And he DID get the thing off… and then he put his head right back in.

Not to be outdone, Zoe got her head stuck in a FAGE yogurt container that she was cleaning out for us. I’m actually surprised that this was the first time.

That we know of, at least.

As for Scout? She fell in love with the rainbow catnip stick and licked it for 5 whole minutes.

And these are only the silly antics that we catch. I can only imagine what they do to entertain themselves when we’re not looking!


6 responses to “WILT #20, in which the animals of the house do silly things

  1. Haaahahahahaha

  2. Zoe is a highly utilitarian working beast. She’s vital to our recycling procedures, and she provides both entertainment and heat.

  3. An adorable animal post squeeeee!!!! Ah, there is something so holy in the joy that such ridiculous antics bring us. Thank God for creatures!

    Have you ever watched the Maru videos on youtube? He is also a huge fan of boxes and putting his head where it doesn’t belong.

  4. Wow, what do you add to their catnip? Maybe some of that chili?

  5. Brandi Dawn Henderson

    That video made me laugh so hard I cried!!! HAAAA!

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