Monthly Archives: February 2011

WILT #26, in which I like it salty (or, “welcome to my stereotypically excessive American kitchen”)

I’ve been known to have  a salt problem.

If you’re trying to figure out what’s missing in your soup or sauce or chili or whatever, don’t ask me. I’ll usually tell you it’s salt. Even if it’s already too salty. Few are able to make it down to the last kernels of popcorn in the bowl when I’ve been the one to salt it.  I’m a chronic over-salter. Fortunately, my blood pressure runs low. But the day I have to reduce my salt intake, you’re going to hear about it.

The other day, I ran out of kosher salt. The stuff in the big navy blue box–perfect crystals, big and grainy, pleasant to pinch. “Oh no!”

But then I realized…

Maybe I don’t need to run out and grab a new box.


WILT #25, in which I’m still at the same latitude…

…but man, it’s different here.

I’m human. Every now and then, I make unfair comparisons.

We left Minneapolis 10 months ago. I haven’t worn my winter coat since.

Here, we have green thinking about pink.

Urban backyard chickens are feeling fine.

Yesterday, I got a voicemail fr0m the City of St. Paul announcing a snow emergency. I never un-enrolled from the phone notification system.

I don’t know if I will. Not this winter, at least!