WILT #27, in which it’s springtime

My goodness. It’s springtime.

See? Trilliums! Proof!

I took that proof-picture on Sunday. Jesse and I went to Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge, a mere 7 minute drive from our new place, and blithely ignored the “CAUTION, TRAIL CLOSED” signs for a brisk risky stroll. Looks like there had been some recent mudslides on some of the steeper hillsides in the park.

Woah, pony. Back up. That’s right–we moved. We re-empty-nested my loving in-laws. But we still visit! And bring laundry!

And they got a puppy, so it’s OK.

We retreated into the city some. I’m closer to work, to my yoga studio. We’re closer once again to yummy phở. We’re a short walk from a public golf course, from a fruit stand, from Reed College, from a rhododendron garden with friendly squirrels.

We have been celebrating a clutch of changes since my last post. New Portland-based employment for my man, my 10-monthiversary of working as a nurse, the acquisition of an amazing new appliance about which I’m trying my darndest to get Jesse to write a blog post:

It’s a whole lot. I’m knitting an ottoman about it.

And soon, I’m told, we’ll have sunshine. Not yet, though, because that would just be too much all at once.


3 responses to “WILT #27, in which it’s springtime

  1. Did you know that a friendly squirrel is either a highly manipulative squirrel out for your food or a rabies infested squirrel? Remember, I studied psychology and biology. I know these things.

  2. I feel like the Death Star-looking robo-litter-box-cleaner-thing must be explained. Jesse? Anne? Someone?

    Also, congrats again on the move. May you have many squirrelly adventures that end in neither food theft nor rabies infections.

  3. OMG I must see this Robo-litter box in action

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