Monthly Archives: November 2011

ah, sweet-tart roasted freedom

We moved!

Into a house we own. One we bought. It’s ours. I’m thinking it’s about time I change my cell number to one with a local area code.

I have some complex feelings about the whole home ownership thing, but most of all I simply effing LOVE MY HOUSE, and I’m swimming in ideas and excitement and crap in boxes. And until recently, mostly-green tomatoes picked off plants tended by the previous owners.

I wasn’t quite sure what to do with them, but I figured I had to do something before they turned to yuck. When in doubt, slow-roast. Well, I actually sort of ┬ámedium-roasted them. Here’s my method:

1. Quarter the tomatoes.

2. Plop cut side up on a baking sheet lined in foil.

3. Sprinkle liberally with salt and black pepper.

4. Drizzle a mix of grapeseed and olive oils over tomatoes. Well, I didn’t drizzle so much as sling. I had some oil slurpage to clean off the counters when I was done.

5. Pop into preheated 250 degree F oven for about 3.5 hours. I ended up using 1 baking sheet and a small shallow pie pan to fit all the tomatoes without crowding them too much, and after a couple hours I let the pans trade places in the oven. I find that this oven tends to brown things like CRAZY on the top rack towards the back, so I wanted both pans to get equal exposure to that spot.

Now I have these tart and sweet little umami bombs, and I have no idea what to do with them.

That’s kind of how it feels to be in a new house, too. There’s a lot of freedom, I sense, in a plateful of slow-roasted green tomatoes.