Monthly Archives: September 2012

shifting focus

My favorite yoga teacher encourages us to remain steadfast in challenging asana, to shift the focus from what we can’t do to what we can do.

That’s what I’m trying to do with my gardening. Focus on what I can grow. Lettuce in the rail planter boxes yielded one big salad for Jesse and I, and has not made an effort to re-leaf. The greens in the backyard withered within two weeks. The tomatoes in the back have grown and are sprouting fruit… but I remember last November pulling a pound or more of green tomatoes that never ripened off the vines the previous homeowners had planted. I think it’s just not sunny enough back there.

But! Look at Cuban oregano.

Check out Thai basil. I grew him from seed. (Oh man, I gotta start thinning him.)

This little early jalapeno plant is going great guns on the front walk in the sun.

Even the herbs in the back are happy. So happy, the oregano ended up going to seed faster than I could use it.

As Jesse reminds me, we don’t need to grow our own. In fact, a green-minded homeowner’s best efforts should likely be focused on regular attendance of a farmers market to support local foodsystems than on a less-than-sustainable homegrowing practice.

Unless it’s FUN.

And peeps? I’m thinking not so much. The herbs have been fun for me. The peppers in the sun are pretty great. Tomatoes out in the sunny front yard would be pretty cool too. But the radishes, the lettuce, the beets, even the carrots have me anxious and for some reason I’ve attached a fair amount of my worth as a domestic onto their success.

So guess what? I’m not gonna do it again next year! I’m gonna focus on what I can grow, and what’s fun. Because really, I’m┬áprivileged┬áto say that where I’m coming from, that’s the point.