About Annie Get Your Spoon

This blog is a product of the belief that our food, our homes, our creative exploits are important. What we put in our bodies, the things with which we surround ourselves, and the things that inspire us MATTER. And our stories about these things are important, too.

Grab your spoon  and join me as I embark on my Pacific Northwest domestic adventure!


3 responses to “About Annie Get Your Spoon

  1. Wahoo! I can’t wait to get started following your blog!

  2. I’m so excited for your blog!

  3. Hi Annie,
    My partner and I have enjoyed the Waterfront Blues Fest in the past – didn’t make it this year, although we did watch the fireworks with friends on the Burnside Bridge. Glad you got a tee shirt.
    So, it seems the email address we all have for you is busted as messages come back as undeliverable. I have invited folks to join the writing blog I set up, time2writepdx.blogspot.com. Chris is unable, Allen is up for it, Richard is uncertain and I’ve not heard back from anyone else yet. If you are interested, just go to the site and sign in using your gmail email address and your private gmail password. If not interested, email me and I’ll bump you off the list.
    Separately, is this the Steel Bridge with the sun rising from the east on that little boat? Great shot!


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